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Alexa, open Devices Store

Devices Store

Amazon, a leader in innovative technology solutions, aimed to simplify the process of choosing the right Alexa device for consumers’ needs. The goal was to provide users with an informative and interactive experience that guides them through the features of Alexa devices and suggests the most suitable options based on their preferences.



Navigating the world of smart devices can be overwhelming for consumers. The Alexa voice platform offered an opportunity to streamline the decision-making process by offering users personalized recommendations and insights into Alexa devices’ features.


To address this challenge, Boltd developed the Devices Store Alexa skill. The skill’s functionality was designed to provide users with detailed information about Alexa devices’ features and guide them in selecting the most suitable device based on their preferences and needs.

Skill Flow

  • Users initiate the skill by saying “Alexa, open Devices Store.”
  • Alexa welcomes the user with a friendly message and introduces the purpose of the skill.
  • Users are presented with a menu of options, including Device Connectivity, Battery and Warranty, Internet Consumption, Privacy, and Help in Choosing a Device.
  • Users select an option, and Alexa provides detailed information about the chosen feature.
  • If users select “Help in Choosing a Device,” they are prompted to choose a category from Music Listening, Set-up Smart Home, For Kids, or Gifting Someone.
  • After selecting a category, users specify their budget.
  • Based on the chosen category and budget, Alexa suggests the most suitable Echo device for the user’s needs.

Enhancing User Experience

  • The skill simplifies the process of choosing an Alexa device by providing relevant information and personalized recommendations.
  • Users benefit from a user-friendly and interactive experience that caters to their preferences.

Go-To-Market Approach

Amazon created awareness for the skill in various ways. They promoted it on the Alexa skill store header billboard as a feature as well as their weekly “Skills Newsletter”. Not just that, they promoted it on their M-shop. Users could simply tap on the mic icon on the Amazon shopping app on Android phones and summon the skill by saying a limited time magic phrase, “Alexa, open Devices Store”. The overall effort was further amplified through advertising on Amazon.


  • The Devices Store Alexa skill demonstrates the potential of voice technology to simplify complex decisions and provide users with personalized recommendations.
  • By combining informative content and interactive features, the skill offers value to users while promoting brand loyalty.

Golden Phrase

Alexa, open Devices Store