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New York, NY 10010
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Slide Boltd is a full-service voice application development studio where we provide end-to-end services to brands and agencies that look to get on the voice medium. We help strategize what should be the right approach to enter the voice medium, create an engaging experience for your users, develop that experience on the platform(s) of choice and guide you with the appropriate marketing approach for your property.


Slide Amazons Alexa Boltd Alexa skill developers can help you develop apps for any business. Alexa amazon developers work hand in hand with you for the development for your required skills.

Skill Development

As an experienced Alexa listed Skill developer, we can onboard your product, brand or company on Alexa. See how your customers can directly engage and experience your business offerings through custom Alexa skills.

Action on
Google Development

Get your customers to start conversations with your brand through the omnipresent Google Assistant. We can help create that conversational bridge between your customers and your product/service by developing a custom Action on Google just for your brand.


Slide Boltd specialises in developing Alexa skills for OEM voice intergrations as well.

Voice Integration

If you’re on OEM and want to have your customers interact with your product through voice – either directly with your device or through a smart speaker, we can help make this a reality in the most intuitive and frictionless manner.

We Can Help You Succeed

We will help strategize and curate your brand's approach on the voice medium so that it is a true value add to your customers. We'll ensure that the final product isn't something that's gimmicky but one that's a true value-add to your brand.

With our voice design experts, we will bring our deep understanding on user behaviour in the voice space and lay down an experience that delights the end user, something that's either truly functional or entertaining or both.

Given the fact that we are listed development partners for both Alexa and the Google Assistant, we are privy to the latest features and upgrades that the platform SDKs offer. Right from development, certification and deployment to post launch maintenance and upkeep, we'll be there all throughout.

Based on our vast experience in this field, we'll tell you what works, what hasn't and how you can create a buzz around your voice application so that it gets the attention of the ears that it is intended for.