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Development Services on Google Assistant

Use voice trends for your business using Google Assistant Skill Development!

Are you exploring innovation strategies for your business? There are many trends that you can follow. Once it was “dot com,” then came “touch,” and now, it is “voice.”

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Services on Google Assistant

Here is how you can now reach a wider audience and create better customer experiences using our Google Assistant Development Services.

Google Assistant is currently built into more than a billion devices, and 60% of smartphone users contact a business from their search results directly. It is no wonder that companies are increasingly looking at getting on Google Assistant to increase their reach and conversions.

The first step in this process is to work with a reliable Google Assistant Developer who can begin the user’s conversation with your service. Your Action will interact with the user and get them the information they desire using a simple conversation.

The reason it sounds straightforward is that it is. A Google voice developer such as Boltd can process audio inputs and shift the conversation from text to voice. The intuitive nature of voice conversations has 55% of teenagers using voice search daily and 33% of smartphone users turning to voice search at least once a week.

Using a Voice Chatbot can make your customer’s journey as easy as asking Google Assistant for a service, finding your Action, and then answering questions till they get the information they want.

What is a Google Action?

Google Actions is a platform for Google Assistant development. Your business can onboard your services to the Google Assistant on Google Home using Actions.

Actions on Google Developers allow a business to get brand visibility by using voice-enabled SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Voice-enabled SEO focuses on the natural language of the user. It processes content, phrases, and metadata, among other information, to provide the best results for a user query.

Google Assistant also uses deep linking techniques so that your services are suggested to the right audience. The better your voice-enabled SEO ranks, the higher your chances are of reaching a wider audience. Hence, working with an AoG developer of reputation will pay dividends in the long run.

The presence of your Action on Google Assistant is not restricted to a single device. It can reach an audience of over one billion people through smart speakers, smartphones, displays, and more.

Your business can reach a truly global audience through Google Assistant development using Actions.

Slide Boltd is a top alea-skill development company that helps you build google assistant assets. Setting icon Develop Google Assistant seests with Boltd - a voice-skill development firm. Developing an voice-skill is an asset your company should invest in for engaging clients and giving them rich experience.

Steps Involved in Developing an Action on Google

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There are several steps that go into creating an effective Action on Google. The first of these is concept design, where you put down your vision for your Action and work on how exactly you see it assisting your customers.

The Voice User Interface then needs to be designed, keeping the conversation at the forefront without the need for touch or visual input. Your voice bot needs to have a script that takes various possibilities into account. It also needs to be programmed for quick answers to commonly asked questions related to your business. The scripting process needs to follow your brand’s tone of voice in order to help you build cohesive communication.

Your voice chatbot will follow a happy flow to get the user to their desired section of the app or service in an ideal scenario. However, you will also need to account for variables and chart out all possible flows or paths a user might take to get to the solution they want.

Users will need to get prompts when there is missing information and a message when the request is invalid. Creating an extensive Voice UX flow will help make a typical user’s journey on your Action easier while helping you navigate potential areas of concern.

You will also need to input business logic to set certain parameters under which your Action operates as directed by your business. This is dictated by how you are expecting your users to interact with the Action.

Once you have created an Action, you can then move to the testing phase where you will run several scenarios to troubleshoot any potential errors and debug the Action. If you are satisfied that the Action is performing the way you want it to, you need to submit it to Google for Certification. The review process can take a few days, after which your Action will be ready to use on Google Assistant.

However, development is one part of the process. In order to stay relevant, your Action needs to be constantly monitored. You need to analyze user data to make improvements so that the Action has a wider reach and creates a better customer experience.

The process is ongoing, and you need to keep studying the data and understanding customer interactions to make your Action better.


Create Convenience through Conversations

A voice bot can make inquiry and transactions easier for users who do not prefer a face-to-face method of interaction. It can also enable your business to reach more customers simultaneously without delays caused by connection issues. The cost saved by not deploying multiple operators and not losing customers due to high waiting times more than makes up for the cost of Actions on Google Developers.

Customers can enjoy the same conversational design of an in-person conversation using the device of their choice. This format of having a convenient way to satisfy your query in any place and at any time makes Google Actions a popular platform for customers.

Most customers who use voice and get used to the convenience cannot think of going back to text-based solutions. Thus, the existing customer base has a solid connection to voice searches, and the market presence of smart speakers and other voice-enabled assistance devices is only growing. It has led to businesses increasingly using voice development for creating solutions.

Moving to voice-based solutions can future-proof your brand and serve the dual purpose of engaging your customers more effectively while simultaneously giving you more visibility in front of potential customers.

According to a study by Finances Online, worldwide smart speaker sales are expected to go upward of 163 million in 2021. Combine this with the 77.8% of American consumers currently using these smart speakers for enquiring about products, and you can see how big the market is.

The right AoG developer can help you get on board with the voice revolution before you know it. Getting on Google Assistant before the competition can also give you a better SEO ranking and establish your brand as a thought leader.

Helping You Form Stronger Connections

Creating an effective Action for Google goes beyond just the development aspect. You need to make sure your Action ticks all the SEO boxes so that it is among the first recommendations when someone makes a generic request. You also need to map the user journey so that they are getting solutions to their query as quickly as possible and with minimal steps involved. At the same time, you have to be prepared with prompts and messages when the user inputs are not as expected.

Working with an expert agency such as Boltd helps you create an optimal flow and eliminate bugs before your Action goes live through extensive testing. You will have an easier time with certification with our 1 million+ hours of development experience behind you.

Once you have developed an Action on Google, it needs constant monitoring and optimization so that it remains ahead of the competition. Boltd can help you achieve this without eating into your time. So you can focus on other aspects of your business, resting assured that your brand’s communication on Google Assistant is in the right hands

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Can We Assist You?

Using Google Assistant, a business can create an Action that makes it possible to be present wherever and whenever your customers need them.

Boltd is committed to creating cutting-edge solutions for all your Google Assistant development needs. We can take your business’ voice experiences to the next level, creating increased delight for your customers.

To know how you can grow your business presence and customer satisfaction using Google Assistant development, contact Boltd today.