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Alexa Skill Development Services

Do you want to develop an Alexa skill or hire an Alexa skill development company? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Boltd is one of the fastest-growing voice-based app development companies in the world. Our Alexa developers have worked with top brands around the world to build a custom skill for Alexa-enabled devices.

Slide If you are looking to develop a skill for Alexa or amazons echo dot as displayed in teh picture boltd is here to help you.

Slide Do you know Alexa can be used for business? Develop skills for Alexa for shopping, reminders and more from us. develop Alexa skill for music and more at Boltd.

Let us help you find your brand’s voice

How is Alexa capable of doing what it does? How does Alexa tell you the weather forecast, play songs, make to-do lists, control smart home appliances, change the temperature on a thermostat, and plan a trip?

Alexa is capable of taking commands and executing them only when it has the relevant “skill.” A “skill” for Alexa is like an app for your phone.

We can develop a custom-built Alexa skill for your business, enabling your customers to use their voices to access your services and content, irrespective of their location.

From strategizing to designing and from development to marketing, we do it all for you.

How can Boltd help you?

Boltd is an Amazon-recommended Alexa skill development agency. We can help your brand leverage the power of voice technology by designing and developing creative voice interfaces.

Here’s exactly how our Alexa skill developers can help you:

  •  Explain how your brand can leverage Alexa skills.
  • Identify the skills that will benefit your brand and your potential or existing customers.
  • Develop the voice user interfaces and ensure that they fulfill your requirements.
  • Offer end-to-end solutions, which involve designing voice UX (User Experience), developing the conversational dialog script and voice command, integrating Alexa platform features, metadata development, and store listing optimization.
  • Ensure the functionality of the skill through beta testing across all Alexa-Enabled devices.
  • Certification process – Help your Alexa skill get certified by the Amazon team
  • Make skill live on the Alexa skills store using the developer console

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Our sequential three-way

The broad spectrum of our Alexa skill development services can be explained in three steps.

It includes prototyping the Alexa skill focusing on the user personas of your target audience

Our skill development services include Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), Alexa Presentation Language (APL), Alexa Voice Service (AVS), Alexa Auto SDK, companion mobile app, and Smart Home Skill API. The process also includes beta testing, getting certification from Amazon, and publishing the skill in the Alexa skill store.

We provide helpful services after the launch. Our Alexa skill developers use analytics to examine usage patterns and update the skill periodically with new content to enhance the user experience.

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Why choose Boltd as your Alexa skill developer

Boltd offers end-to-end Alexa Skill Development Services. Our developers are skilled in designing voice interfaces for your business, and they can work with you to create the perfect skill to meet your needs.

Here are a few reasons, why you can choose Boltd as your preferred Alexa skill development company:

  • We can develop a skill that will empathize with your audience.
  • Team with diverse skillsets ranging from gaming veterans who have developed games across various platforms to ones who are gurus in the programming language
  • We partner with you to create an Amazon Alexa skill that has a purpose. It should add value to the user’s life and promote the goodwill of your brand.
  • We have served thousands of customers. You can check our Alexa skills portfolio by clicking here.
  • Last but not least, even Amazon recommends our agency!

Why do you need Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the biggest player in the voice market. It constitutes 62% of the worldwide digital voice assistant market share. An Alexa-enabled device such as Amazon Echo has become a household name in the world.

As AI and bot developers, we study the market thoroughly. Here are some points you should know:

  • Voice is the new trend! Globally, voice searches constitute around 30% of online searches.
  • Voice is the most natural user interface. People will adapt to this trend faster than “touch.” Over 40 million users in the USA used Alexa in 2018.
  • You will be fascinated to know that by 2025, 130 million Alexa devices are expected to be shipped globally.

If you wish to scale up your brand with the help of voice, developing an Amazon Alexa skill can expedite your efforts.

Slide Boltd is proud to develop alexa skills for big brands like Red Fm, Maruti Suzuki, Taco Bell and Volkswagen. Clients we have developed alexa skills for.

Slide Boltd is a leading Alexa skill development company in UK. Here is an image of amazons Alexa. Amazon Alexa voice assistant commands can be used of the represented actions. You can use alexa for the represented skills.

Which businesses can benefit from Alexa skills?

With the Alexa Skills Kit, you can deliver voice experiences in more than 20 different categories, including education, audio, and travel.

Not just that, Alexa skill development also allows you to create premium content using multimodal skills that integrate voice, visuals, and touch. So, almost all kinds of businesses can benefit from Alexa skills.

As a business owner, your marketing endeavors focus on strengthening your brand’s connection with potential and existing customers. You look forward to winning their hearts so that your brand awareness can increase.

So, to appear relevant in front of customers, it is essential to keep your marketing practices aligned with technological innovations.

Give your brand the power to lead with a custom-built Alexa skill

Not sure what kind of Alexa skill will be the best suit for your brand? Connect with us today. We will be happy to associate with you, brainstorm your requirements, and develop the best “Alexa Skill” for your business.


Voice apps on the Alexa platform are called Alexa Skills. Alexa Skill Development, is the process of developing Alexa Skills to be used with different Alexa Devices.

Every Alexa Skill is unique. So, the development process for each Alexa Skill varies. To understand how much it costs to develop any specific Alexa Skill, you should get in touch with our team of experts. They will give you an approximate value of how much it will cost to build an Alexa Skill based on your specific requirements.

Over the years, there is a constant rise in the number of Alexa Skills available for use. There are more than 100,000 Alexa Skills available on the Alexa Store. The number of Skills for a particular region may vary, the US Store being the one with the most Skills.

Creating an Alexa Skill is a six-step process that begins with planning and designing the skill. In the next step, the skill must be set up in the developer console and then the interaction model needs to be created using voice design. This is followed by writing and testing the code for the skill. Next, a beta test is done, after which in the final step, the Skill is submitted for certification. Once the Alexa certification team approves the Skill, it is made live to the world.

  • From song quizzes to common knowledge to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, you can easily find a myriad of quiz games available on Alexa.
  • You can even try out some of the original quiz games developed by Boltd on Alexa. These quiz games are namely, Daily Cricket Trivia, Impossible Bollywood Quiz, Khel Quiz and Impossible Voice Skill.
  • You can simply search them on the alexa app or use the command “Alexa, start the <quiz name>” and the skill will be enabled for your device.
  • Once you have identified your custom Alexa Skill requirements, you can get in touch with different Alexa Skill Development agencies. 
  • When interacting with them, you must check out their portfolio and evaluate their expertise in this field. Also, take some time to understand their work flow process and check out their references and testimonials.
  • You should also discuss your Skill requirements with them to get an understanding of how they will approach it and what process will be involved in building the specific skill that you need.
  • At Boltd, we have a team of experienced and talented Alexa Skill Developers, who have been working with brands across the globe to curate customs skills for them. To get in touch with our team experts, please visit the Contact Us page or email us at

Every business is unique and thus the Alexa Skill requirements for each business will vary. You can talk to our team experts, to understand what skill will be the best suited for your brand and then the project can be kickstarted.