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10 Fun Alexa Family Games You Can Play Together

Fun and engaging Alexa family games you can play together. It shows a woman enjoying interaction with Alexa device

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the top Alexa family games.

Amazon’s Echo is a great device to have around the house. It can play your favorite music, control your smart home, and tell you the weather. But did you know that Alexa is also great for playing games?

Check out the list of top skills that you can use to play fun games with your family on Alexa powered device.

Table of Contents

1. Either Or

Either Or is a challenging yet on the funny Alexa family games where you will be faced with making an important decision. The catch is that the choice you will be facing will come in pairs of two separate, lighthearted and simple situations.
Will the rest of the world choose the same option for each case? You too will have to decide! Why not see for yourself if your decisions are worth it by playing this addicting and engaging Alexa app. This skill’s developer adds hundreds of new questions every month, so don’t forget to explore it each passing month!

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4/5
Reviews: 8500+

2. Song Quiz

Hey, Music Lover! Are you an ace at identifying the title and artist of popular songs from all times? Well, then you’re welcome to play this free Alexa family app. It’s called ‘Song Quiz’.
Play the best music trivia game on Alexa right now and make your family and friends feel embarrassed. Guess your favorite song lyrics from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today! Test your knowledge on a variety of different decades to prove you’re the ultimate pop culture expert. The more you play, the better you’ll get – master all the playlists from each decade.
What’s more – you can challenge your family and friends for dominance in the competitive modes within the app.

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 3.4/5
Reviews: 18000+

3. Animal Game

Get to know Alexa a little bit better by having her test your animal knowledge! Animal Game is an engaging family game that people of all ages can play.
The gameplay is quite easy. To kick off the game, first Alexa will ask you questions about your animal to guess which one it is. Your answers will affect how well she can narrow down possible animals and make the most educated guess. Once you’ve been given some of these questions, you’ll be able to see if Alexa is an expert at guessing animals, or if she’s just bluffing through all of your tough questions.

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4.1/5
Reviews: 1400+

4. Musical Chairs

You don’t need a reason to smile as long as you have friends and family around you! The Musical Chairs app gives you more excuses to share smiles and laughs. Grab some chairs, stools, or mark some spots on the floor and get ready to sit. Listen to the music, but be careful if you are standing when Alexa says “STOP” you’re out until the next game.
It is a great Amazon Alexa game to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviews: 130+

5. Daily Cricket Trivia

Cricket Trivia is the ultimate cricket quiz for all cricket fans available on Amazon Alexa App Store. It is proudly created by our team at Boltd.
How well do you know your cricket? Prove it! Play against your friends, get a chance to win gift vouchers worth thousands of rupees, and have fun while doing it. Don’t forget, if you love the game, then you can never appreciate it too much!

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4/5
Reviews: 690+

Are you looking for Alexa skills that can simplify your everyday life? We have listed down the most useful Alexa skills that can help you simplify everyday activities in a separate blog post. Do give it a read. We are sure you’ll love it.

6. Riddle of the Day

The small skill to set you on the path of thoughtful living! Solve a new enrichment activity each day that will help your brain reach new intellectual heights. We suggest using Riddle of the day as you’re having breakfast or tea with your family in the morning. If you don’t know the answer to the riddle right away, give yourself until evening to think things through. If by then you still don’t know the answer, just say “Alexa, open Riddle of the day” and this skill will tell you the right answer!
This game can embark you and your family on a quest to think on the same topic throughout the day and create a shared experience. So what are you waiting for? Enable this skill today!

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4/5
Reviews: 750+

7. Impossible Voice Quiz

Impossible Voice Quiz is a fun and enjoyable way to pass time with family. This app too is brought to you by our Boltd team.

The trivia game allows for hours of entertainment whenever you need it. It includes hundreds of audio clips from popular public figures, so there will always be more to listen to once you’ve guessed the original voice of your favorite stars!

Additionally, it features helpful hints in case you ever get stuck on a voice recording. Do not hesitate any longer – go ahead and start playing this free game that everyone can enjoy today:

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 3.8/5
Reviews: 40+

8. Higher or Lower

This is a very simple game to pass time. You need to guess the number ‘Alexa’ has thought of. Once you make the guess, Alexa will tell whether the right number is higher or lower than the number you have mentioned. You have to keep repeating it till you guess the right number.
You can compete with your family and friends to see who guesses the right number in as few tries as possible.

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4/5
Reviews: 190+

9. Who wants to be a millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, now you have the opportunity to get a taste of what it feels like to go for the million-dollar prize in our very own backyard! Simply install this skill on your Amazon Alexa and you are good to go.
Play through a series of questions and answers as fast as you can to climb right up the money tree’s branches, striving to obtain as much cash as possible! You’ll learn cool stuff while in with a chance to win big bucks. Don’t give in to temptation and use your lifelines too early, or else you might regret it later.

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 3.1/5
Reviews: 5400+

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10. Khel Quiz

This is another one of our Boltd originals. Khel Quiz is one of the best quiz skills available on Amazon Alexa.

Every day, Khel Quiz will bring you three new questions from different sports. Answering these questions correctly can earn you points and help you increase your position on the leaderboard.

If you are a sports buff, you are going to dig it. You can make this skill a part of your daily routine and enjoy it regularly with your family.

Alexa Skill Link:
Rating: 4.4/5
Reviews: 60+


We hope these Alexa family games and apps list can help you find ways to spend quality family time and create more joint meaningful experiences.
Our company Boltd is an award-winning voice application development studio specializing in Alexa Skill Development and Google Assistant development. Over the last 5 years, we have developed voice assistant-based apps for some of the top brands in the world. For any business inquiries, send us an email at or visit our contact us page.


1. Are Alexa games free?

All Alexa Games can be downloaded and played for free. Some games may have a premium paid option for higher levels of the game, while keeping the initial levels free.

2. How do you play games on Alexa?

Like with other Alexa Skills, to play any game on Alexa, you can simply use the voice command to start playing the game of your choice.

3. Who can play games on Alexa?

There’s a game for everyone on Alexa. From keeping the kids occupied to being a great source of entertainment for family nights, Alexa has games for every occasion and every individual.

4. What family games does Alexa have?

Alexa has a lot of family games as listed above. Some more other favorites which are available include The Magic Door, Memory Match, Escape The Room, Bingo, Where In The World and much more. You can browse through the full list of games on the Alexa App.

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